Rekeying Locks Service in Lakewood WA

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What is rekey

You cannot compromise your family and house’s security, or your office and business security, right? At your property, you keep all of your valuable stuff, and you want to keep them secure. The security is an utmost concern for everyone.

However, contrary to popular belief, ensuring enhanced home security doesn’t demand you to install a high-end system. Rekeying is your answer if you seek to improve your home security.

If you are new to the term, let us introduce you to this technique.

During the process of rekeying, our professional locksmith changes the pin structure inside a lock and forces it to accept new keys. This in turn stops any old keys from working in the same lock.

Rekeying offers the extra benefit of improving your house’s security without having to completely change the lock hardware. That way, you are saved from the extra expenditure of buying new locks. Also, rekeying is a good practice as it enables you to change your lock from time to time and boost your home’s security.

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When to rekey your locks

Here are a few times you need a rekey service:

  • Moving to a new place – be it a rent home or a newly built one, you must engage a rekey service.
  • If you want to improve your home’s security without spending more on changing the lock, a rekey service can be your best bet.
  • If your keys are lost, old, or worn out, consider availing a rekeying service.
  • If you face an unfortunate break-in, must consider changing your pin structure inside the lock.

Rekeying is an inexpensive and prompt way to ensure your home’s safety. Call us to engage in such a service.

Rekeying Locks Service in Lakewood WA for Home and Commercial Locks

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